vera liesmann

me on a trip to leipzig, museum der bildenden künste by berlin-based architects hufnagel | pütz | rafaelian

vera and museum der bildenden künste | leipzig | by berlin-based architects hufnagel_pütz_rafaelian

hi, my name is vera || nice to meet you

i’m an architect, and architecture is, what i love most. but when i’m not planing a building, i spend my time doing this _

graphic || 3d is something i am good at. how about offering it as a service?, i thought.
so here is an overview about recent editorial and print design as well as some older works and digital art.
when you feel comfortable with my work and need some digital or print shit done, why not get in touch with me?

object || interior is a very personal idea about everyday items and surroundings. the beauty lies beyond the fassade – in a sensual way of using it and a clean and minimalistic design that serves the direct need.
my designs do therefore not satisfy the average taste of an average human being, but implement a rather personal approach.

photography || printart is a way to express myself through photography. back then, i started with analogue b&w photography and development in the darkroom. after i switched to a digital camera, i felt lost by how easy and unspecific the way of reproduction was. at that point, my work became more experimental.
i got you curious? please read my manifesto about photography in the digital age!
more stuff to read _ this way please!